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Wright’s Automotive Service has provided top quality San Leandro auto repair and maintenance since 1977. As a family owned and operated shop, the business motto has always been to treat you like family. That is why our customers have continued to come to our shop for decades – we truly care about you and our technicians provide high quality service for your vehicle. We simply won’t settle for doing any less than our best. Our newest owner, John Bridgwater, has had a passion for cars all of his life and began working at the shop in 2011. Now as the owner, John continues to uphold the same family values and high standards that customers have come to expect over the years.

John Bridgwater – Owner

John has always wanted to know, “What makes it go?” At age five he took apart a mechanical adding machine just to see how it worked. Growing up his father would work on the family van and John would always be by his side asking questions and learning everything he could. In high school John got a job with a local tire company, not for money but for high school credit and for the experience. He got his first paying job in the industry in 1987 working for a chain store. His manager took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew. John was promoted from tire installer to technician within a year and began focusing on diagnostics. After honing his skills for a few years, John became lead technician at an independent shop in northern California. He also earned his first ASE certifications and began networking with other technicians and shop owners. Today he holds 49 of 50 possible ASE certifications and in 2015 John won the RepairPal / ASE Technician of the Year award from a field of 300,000.


Victor Vanhille is our Service Manager. He has been with us since October 2015. He is a native of San Lorenzo and has many strong community ties, including San Lorenzo Little League both as a parent and a coach. He comes from a strong customer service background both self employed and working for multi-billion dollar companies. He brings a great customer experience to this company as well and we are very happy to call him part of our family.


Emanuel DeSousa was born and raised right here in San Leandro. He graduated from San Leandro High School in 2005 and went right into trade school. He joined our team as a technician in March 2015. He is very proficient in his trade and hungry to always learn more. He is a very good welder and does all of our exhaust and fabrication work. He truly enjoys his trade which shows in the quality of his work. In his off time he enjoys photography and dining out.


Kevin Olegario has been with Wrights Automotive since 2010, filling the position of Smog Technician. He performs most of our smog inspections and repairs as well as a good bit of our diagnostic work. Being the Smog Technician, Kevin has a California enhanced smog license as well as lamp and brake licenses. Family is the most important thing to him. In his spare time he likes spending time with his family and travelling to exotic places.


Vince Velasquez is a strong technician, very good at figuring out all things mechanical. He gets into his work very deeply and is often so busy working he forgets to eat lunch. He has been with Wrights Automotive since 2014 and is a welcome addition to the family. Vince has been in the industry since 1990 and enjoys the challenges of keeping up with ever changing technology. His kids and granddaughter are what keeps him going.


Travis Fehrmann-Faria came to us in September of 2015 as an automotive student. He is studying Automotive Technology at Chabot College and is working toward becoming a proficient technician. Right now he helps around the shop with cleaning, assisting the technicians, shuttling clients as needed and learning everything he can about the industry. Travis loved offroading whenever time permits.

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